Brusher tool 1.0 extended readme

Exit Photoshop.
Put brtl_general.jsxbin to Photoshop/Presets/Scripts folder.
If you're on Windows, start Photoshop by right clicking on .exe and selecting Run as Administrator. The script creates thumbnails and folder, Windows is jealous if anyone tries that without it's permission.

# To use:
1) Define the hotkey for the script (Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts or with Actions). You can use key combination or F-keys.

2) On the first launch it'll ask for the tools you want on the panel. First of all, chose Tool or Brush presets.

If you're not sure, brush presets are .abr files and available from Window > Brush Presets.
Tool Presets are .tpl files and available from Window > Tool Presets.
If you're using Tool Presets, make sure that option Current Tool Only is off

Next select the tools you want on the panel. The tools will appear on the panel in alphabetical order.

Then specify the size of the thumbnails, padding and rows/columns

if it went successfully, you'll get the message and the thumbnails ready to be painted over

3) Paint the thumbnails as you like, save and close them. I used grey background and green foreground color for *grass* brushes and black background with white foreground for *struct*

4) That's it. Now if you press the hotkey you'll get the panel with the thumbnails

-) To re-initialize the panel, navigate to Photoshop/Presets/Script and edit/delete the general.txt

-) You can create as many panels as you like, just copy/paste the brtl_general.jsxbin and change general to something else. Thumbnails are storred in brImg_*suffix* folders, preferences are stored in *suffix*.txt files.

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