Personal illustrations, school projects.

The story of a great loss

The story of Simon the pigeon who wanted to be like people: to go to work every morning, to do something important, to extinguish fire, to cure people, to plant trees and to be helpful. And so he left the pigeon loft and went to the city. (BHSAD Student project):

The story of an inset

The story of Frog who loved Thumbelina

The story of a glorious warrior's daughter

The story of friendship between domestic pigglet and a noble pig (who loved bananas and fell off a train)
Winner of the 2010 London Book Fair Children's Illustration Competition

The story of the seagull who forgot who he was

The story of a hunt

The story of a forest

Hundreds of sparrows

Today morning

Ten Commandments: the video game (BHSAD Student project)

The story of Parser who loved plum..

..and stars

Postcard (BHSAD Student project)

Caterpillar (based on true story)

Soundscape (BHSAD Student project)

OFFLINE Exhibition promo (BHSAD Student project) (Camera work by Gregory Cheretov and Natalya Averyanova)

AwesomeCave. Test game for iPad (BHSAD Student project)

Concept for interactive shopping window (BHSAD Student project). Image from Kinect to Processing to HTTP Proxy to Flash. Kinect tracks movement within treshold range with Processing, then through http proxy it passes coordinates to Flash.

The story of escape


The story of a prince