PT2 quick start.

More comprehensive video manual is on my Youtube channel

1. Create grids

One Path point = VP

Two path segments with two points each = VP on intersection

One path segment with two points = parallel grid

Two parallel path segments = parallel grid with specific distance between lines

CMD/CTRL+CLICK = Change grid density New or existing grid, both perspective or parallel

2. Create horizon line

One Path point = horizontal horizon line

One path segment with two points = horizon line

Select one PT layer = = horizontal horizon line

Select two PT layers = horizon line

3. Recolor

Select one layer = cycle between Red (X), Green (Y), Blue (Z) and Black grid colors

4. Hide/Show

Toggles visibility of grids. Set any color label to override

5. Warps

Warp selected layer to any number of four points paths. Points order is important, see Change Orger for more info

If path has bezier control points, selected layer will be warped as custom bezier warp

If there're two pespective grids visible and there aren't any paths = Autowarp

Autowarp with CMD/CTRL+CLICK = only creates path for warp (if you want further to change points order)

Warped layers are smart objects and can be further moved in perspective via free transform

6. De-perspective (CC+ only)

Unwarps quadrangle of four points Path to new rectangular smart layer

7. Change points order

Example of how points order affects warps. Use Change Points Order to... change points order

CLICK = changes points order clockwise

CMD/CTRL+CLICK = changes points order counter-clockwise

SHIFT+CLICK = mirrors points order

8. Correct paths

Corrects any number of four points paths to two visible perspective grids

Corrects any number of two points paths to the most suitable visible perspective grid

9. Reset smart object

Reset any transformation smart object has